The consensus forcast for broadband adoption in South Africa predicts that the numbers of broadband users will grow ten fold in the next 3 years. This means that about 900 000 new clients will adopt broadband in this time, creating tremendous opportunities to serve and support this fast growing market.

If you are interested in becoming a partner for Broadband Express to reach this market, you are welcome to send an e-mail to with information about you or your business and indicate how you want to partner with us.

We are currently building out the following types of partnerships:

These are individuals or businesses who are focussing on the marketing and contracting of new broadband customers. You will either leverage your current market for complementary products or act on appointments made by our call centre. You will advise clients on solutions and implementation options and will do simple instalations for clients. Remuneration is through a combination of upfront and annuity commission to encourage excellent client service. Our agents work in defined geographic areas to optimise traveling and client support.

Leads partners
If you have insight into the internet needs of your customers and can identify the customers that will get value from broadband products, you can join us as a leads partner and earn commission for alerting the clients of the value they will get through cost savings or productivity improvements. The customers can contact us for demonstrations and signal tests.

For network service companies, this will enable you to satisfy client needs for broadband internet service quickly and for you to provide the installation and value add services to your clients. Our service will be the equivalent to an installed ADSL line, ready for you to work with it – only faster, quicker, more flexible and often cheaper ... and you will earn a referral commission.

Installation partners
We are looking for network service companies who can do network, hotspot, VPN and firewall installations for our clients and will support those clients on an ongoing basis. You bill the clients directly, while we will refer the them to you. We will also train you on the need-to-knows for the wireless broadband services we work with.