iBurst Product Overwiew


  • Provided by Wireless Business Solutions; they also provide the country wide wireless networks for Lotto.
  • iBurst is a comprehensive broadband internet solution for small/medium businesses and home users.
  • The roll-out started in the 3rd quarter of 2004, with the official launch on 1 April 2005.
  • Coverage now extends to most areas of Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.
  • iBurst provides an unique combination of three highly desirable features
    High speed (up to 1 mbps, depending on signal strength)
    Flexibility (mobility, simultaneous use in different locations) 
    o Low cost relative to other options in SA 

How can you use iBurst in the business or home?

  • The desktop modem is ideal for connecting several users on a network simultaneously to the 24/7 broadband internet solution.
  • The users can then independently surf the internet, send and receive e-mail, use internet phone and –fax services, download files, etc.
  • The local network can be either cabled or wireless.
  • There are several ways to connect the iBurst modem to your network
    Create a shareable connection on one of the PC’s
    o Use a router to provide independent sharing of the connection and medium level of security 
    Create a secure connection on a gateway server that is set up as a firewall 


  • Using the laptop modem, you can be connected while roaming in the coverage area. This ideal for sales staff, management, consultants, etc.
  • Multiple modems can be linked to one service and used independently, allowing for efficient use of a shared bandwidth pool in a business. For instance, the business owner can link a laptop modem for personal use to the same service his or her business is running on – creating a very cost effective solution for variable mobile needs.
  • The modem and service can easily be shared between the office and home or an additional modem can be deployed at the home, connected to the office service.

Coverage and speed

  • The coverage maps are colour coded to indicate the probable signal strength in the area. The signal strength determines the speed that you will be getting:
    The dark green areas indicate speed of 600 to 1000 kbps
    The medium green areas indicate 300 to 600 kbps
    The light green indicate 100 to 300 kbps
  • Our trained agents will assist you with advise on optimising the speed that you can achieve, including the correct placement of the modem and using antenna solutions to enhance the speed above the indications given.

Package structure

  • Four service packages are provided with different levels of included capacity (see pricing matrix)
  • The included capacity is delivered at full speed (shared 1 mbps).
  • If your capacity is depleted in the month, you have options
    Run on throttle speed (shared 64 kbps) for the rest of the month
    Buy further capacity at full speed for the month (see pricing matrix)
  • Shaping is used to ensure high throughput levels can be maintained.
  • With the gig 1 package, e-mail and web browsing will be delivered at full speed. All other internet use will be at throttle speed.
  • With the gig 3 and -6 packages, additional services such as file transfer, audio- and video streaming as well as Virtual Private Networks will be delivered at full speed.
  • Only the 9 gig package will deliver peer-to-peer networks at full speed
  • Static IP will be available in future
  • The service includes the ISP, which is always an additional cost for dial-up and ADSL.


  • One 10 MB mailbox is included, with 5 aliases.
  • The email address will be at
  • Clients have access to a user friendly control panel to set up aliases, auto replies, vacation messages, etc.
  • Spam- and virus filtering can easily be set to different levels in the control panel.
  • Additional e-mail boxes, storage capacity and personalised domains are available at minimal costs.

Quick comparisons

  • Compared to dial-up and ISDN, iBurst is much faster and will give you the 24/7 convenience and productivity gain at a lower total cost if you are a medium or high end user (one hour or more per day).
  • Compared to ADSL, iBurst is faster if you are in a good reception zone, implementation will be much quicker, cost will be similar or better and you will enjoy much better flexibility and mobility.
  • Compared to Vodacom 3G, iBurst provides cheaper bandwidth and much faster speed, but lacks the wider availability in rural areas and regional centres.
  • Compared to Sentech MyWireless, iBurst provides faster speed, more stable service and better flexibility, but less included capacity for downloads.
  • Compared to 64- and 128 kbps Diginet options, iBurst is faster, much cheaper, flexibility and mobility is better. There would be more variance in speed, but on a much higher level.