It's broadband. simplified.

We know that making decisions is hard, so we've simplified our range of iBurst Wireless
packages. Not only have we made your life easier but we've also given you better prices!

To check whether your area is covered by the iBurst signal, and see how fast your
connection will be, click here for our Wireless Coverage Map.

excludes modem
No modem R0 R49 R149 R199 R449 R599 R999
incl. modem & antenna
USB/ laptop/ express modem n/a R69 R169 R219 R469 R619 R1019
Desktop modem n/a R89 R189 R239 R489 R639 R1039
Webfone (includes iCall) n/a R189 R289 R339 R589 R739 R1139

Each iBurst Wireless package includes:
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