Cut your Internet Cost now with MyWireless™
High Speed – Always On – Mobile – Fixed Monthly Fee – ISP Included
Now available in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban

What is MyWireless™?
MyWireless™ is Sentech’s portable, always on, broadband, internet solution at a fixed
monthly cost. MyWireless™ is available in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, Durban and
Cape Town.
More than 60 base stations have been commissioned to date covering 110 suburbs in
Cape Town, 111 in Durban and 483 in Gauteng. Sentech’s ultimate goal is to cover 80%
of the population, offering them full multi-media, comprising data, voice, video streaming
and interactive television.
Sentech is committed to delivering a reliable service ensuring high download speeds,
uptime and support. MyWireless™ is designed to carry Voice over Internet Protocol
(VOIP), providing clients with significant savings on national and international calls.

With MyWireless™ you get…

  • A 24-hour always on Internet connection form as little as R499 pm
  • Full, high-speed Internet functionality and email
  • No additional ISP Charges
  • Portability within coverage areas
  • No telephone lines required
  • No telephone line charges
  • Substantial savings on your Internet and dial-up cost
  • Increased productivity with always connect
  • Easy installation and call centre support

You can have your own personalized domain name. Additional mail boxes, domain name
hosting and website hosting are available on request at a nominal additional cost.
All that you need is a small freestanding USB / Ethernet modem (10cm x 8cm), or a PC
card that slots into your notebook’s PCMCIA slot. Both take advantage of the PC’s Plug
and Play functionality.