Signal tests
Before you purchase any broadband equipment or service, we will test the signal strength at the site(s) from which you want to access the internet. Our agents are trained and have the equipment to do the relevant tests for you and to advise on the best placement of the devices, installation options and the use of patch- or high gain antennas where needed. The tests involve the following:

  • Signal strength
  • Signal quality
  • Ability to connect to the internet
  • Download and upload speed tests
  • Other tests relevant to your needs
  • Tests with patch- and high gain antennas as neccessary

Installing wireless broadband products without these tests and advice will often lead to disaster or underperforming installations. We can often double the throughput speed by placing modems in the best possible position.

Simple installations
Our agents are trained to assist clients with simple installations (mostly single PC). You will then be fully up and running with your new broadband service before the agent leaves. This service service involves the following aspects:

  • Installation of drivers and connection settings
  • Firmware upgrade of the modem
  • Download and upload speed tests. Setting changes are done to optimise these
  • E-mail service set-up
  • E-mail settings in Outlook (or the mail program you use)
  • Explain support facilities and arrangements

Network Installations
Our agents will advise you on the network installation options available to you. In broad terms there are three options:

  • Share a connection created on one PC over your network
  • Use a router to establish the connection independent from any PC on the network. This can also enable a wireless network in your home or office
  • Use a gateway server to estabish the connection on your network

These options imply different levels of security and service levels on your network. The agent will assist you to find a cost-effective solution for your unique needs.

We work with selected Network service companies as installation partners for more complex network installations. These partners are fully trained and experienced with wireless broadband products.

Hotspot installations
Do you run a guesthome, hotel or coffee shop? Chances are that your guests are demanding facilities to use the internet for e-mail, business connections or entertainmet purposes. We will design and implement a hotspot for you, including the broadband internet connection, wireless access for guests and billing facilities for you to control usage and to enable you to earn revenue from the hotspot at your discretion. You can brand the welcome page and other billing screens to your liking.

Antenna installations
Antennas can be used to ensure a stable service where you might otherwise be on the edge of the signal footprint. For iBurst users, antennas can significantly enhance the speed of internet access. Our agents will advise you on the optimal solution at your site and will provide you with a quote for the antenna installation.

Firewall installations
Using broadband internet solutions, does expose your PC/network to a variety of threats, like hackers, viruses and spyware. We will advise you on actions you can take to safegaurd your information and infrastructure from these threats. We offer services for the set-up of Linux based firewalls on your network . We will also review and optimise your computer and router settings and will advise you on Anti-virus and Anti-spyware solutions, many of these are free downloads.