CallExpress is a sophisticated yet flexible and easy-to-use VOIP service.

Our servers are in South Africa so we provide optimum call quality. Although an advanced technology, all it involves for your business is:

  • bandwidth to connect you to us (use existing ADSL if the quality is high enough),
  • equipment for making VoIP calls and
  • a set of rates by which your calls will be charged.

You can use existing phones and PBX’s or we can upgrade to IP-based equipment.

How does it work?

  • The caller dials the desired local or long-distance number directly. Which is routed to our South African – based VOIP server over a broadband connection
  • Once the call is completed, it is charged to the company's account balance.
  • Authorised users can log in to your secure Call Express Portal at any time to see immediate itemised billing, call history, account information and much more

CallExpress comes in four flavours:

  • Call Express Lite for the home office
  • Call Express Business for businesses from small to corporate
  • Connect Express is our bundled voice and data offering for the hospitality industry and internet cafes, coffee shops etc.
  • CallShop Express is tailored specifically for callshop operators
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